Sterling Nursery School, Inc. provides childcare, daycare and early intervention for Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kindergarteners, School Agers (before and after school) in the towns of Sterling, Lancaster, Clinton, Leominster, Holden, Princeton, West Boylston and surrounding communities in Worcester County.

We value children and families as a foundation of our community's future.

*ABA Instruction

*Inclusive Classroom

*Behavioral Intervention

*Speech Therapy

*Occupational Therapy

Sterling Nursery School, Inc. is a unique Educational and Childcare Center providing exceptional services since June 1967 for children ages 15 months to 12 years old. 

Our nurturing care and exceptional talents include a highly qualified teaching team of educators and specialists, many who have taught at our school and in the field for 15-20 years and more, keeping current in educational trends, knowledge and progressive teaching.

Children Change the World

Proudly Celebrating 53 Years!

Sterling Nursery School, Inc. provides quality education and childcare for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, school age (before and after school) and special needs including Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Our priority is providing all children a safe and loving learning environment incorporating all areas of development; social emotional, physical and cognitive. 



"Why we chose Sterling Nursery School.  We chose the school first, because we are Sterling residences and it was important to us that our child would get an opportunity to meet children that she would be in school with for years to come.  We loved the concept that once she became a school ager that she could take part in the before and after school programs and that she could get on and off the bus at the center.  When we visited the center we were impressed with the level of education that the teachers had there.  This was not a daycare, but instead a place that employed trained teachers and well run and managed by a college professor of early childhood education.  So many teachers on staff have worked at the center for over 10 years, to us was a sign of a happy work environment.  From the first day that we visited the school we could see that the teachers here were ones that could help our daughter learn and grow. 

Why we will stay at Sterling Nursery School.  Our daughter has been attending Sterling Nursery School for over two years.  She started at the school when she was fifteen months old.  At that time she was still our "little baby", but we knew that she needed more structure and education as she transitioned out of daycare and into a classroom setting.  We could not be more pleased with the care, curriculum and LOVE that she gets every day.  When we drop her off in the morning she is happy to go to school to be with her friends and teachers.  It warms our hearts to pick her up at the end of the day and hear about how she played with her friends, engaged in curriculum, like learning to write her name and recognize her letters.  When we do pretend play at home often times she asks to play teacher where she will act out the role of her teacher and she will teach us a "lesson".  To us that shows that she looks up to her teachers and sees them as role models.  We are thankful every day that we have such a wonderful place to bring our daughter and look forward to bringing our baby daughter very soon!"

Families are our best means of sharing what we do at Sterling Nursery School. 

Sterling Nursery School, Inc. provides intensive ABA services, including discrete trials and supported inclusion to children with special needs, including children who have a diagnosis on the Autism spectrum.  We enroll children from 15 months to 5 years old into this program.

Services Provided

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Sterling Nursery School, Inc.